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Sonomage - Produtores de Som e Imagem

We are an audio-visual company with own technical means and human resources and a vast sector experience.

In the area of video we produce and direct advertisement motion pictures, television programs, information, documentaries, institutional films, video clips, recordings and live coverage of events. We produce and direct 2D and 3D animations, traditional animations and cartoons.

We have a fully equipped image studio, connected to 2 post production control rooms and an OB vehicle. Our ENG teams are equipped with SONY Betacam SP/DIGITAL cameras, wide angle objectives, tele-objectives and duplicators, EFP steadycam and micro cameras.

We have our own photography studio and can do works in small, medium and large formats. We have a vast experience in aerial photography, advertising photography, fashion and news coverage. As a supplement to the studio work we have a post production office where we process digital images.
In the field of animation and electronic graphics, among our staff we have some of the most experienced animators and graphists of the sector, as well as modern computer equipment.
In the area of sound we have 2 studios and two digital post production control rooms, we do capturing, production and post production of advertising spots, shows, television programs, documentaries and information reporting.

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